Our Journey

Who Are We?

SEEKER.Global is an Indigenous owned company created with the vision of creating pathways to empowerment for Indigenous people in our community.

Initially contracting the civil and construction area, the vision is based on the collaboration of other local organisations that believe in investing locally and creating pathways for our community. SEEKER.Global’s prophecy is to mentor and train Indigenous people to a successful and rewarding career with the collaboration of contracts in our local community and assist with the delivery requirements for building contracts.

Our employees commence at SEEKER.Global unqualified as we provide the appropriate training and learning environments to attain the skills and qualifications to start a career. Our business model is centred around mentoring or employees to navigate the employment sector. We create these employment opportunities and working models in various industries and with businesses who have been approached, based on their investment back into the community. Our model is based on collaboration and community inclusion. When you invest in SEEKER, you are investing in your community.

It is our drive to empower Aboriginal people in our community that fuels our continual growth. We pride ourselves on our mentoring and our ability to work with large scale companies on creating their local outcomes.